Hypercharge your sales team
Prospect, Nurture and Close 10X more deals

Sales engagement platform which automates email search, LinkedIn outreach, personal emails, and tasks. It eliminates routine work and let your sales team focus on what really matters - closing deals.


Discover prospects on LinkedIn

Email finder and outreach extension searches for prospects’ emails on LinkedIn in seconds, free of charge, and automates the outreach process.

Engage with leads via multiple channels

Combine personal emails, follow-ups, social touches, and tasks into a multichannel sequence to reach your prospects wherever they are.


Speed up the sales workflow

Generates a list of tasks and calls for you every day within multichannel sequences. Follow the list and make the most out of your sales efforts.


Get more sales by improving results

Analyze sequence stats, leverage email, and sequence templates - all these can help you crush your sales quotas.

Stop paying for too many tools and Resources

  • 1000+ Connection Requests

  • 30+ Targeted Connection Requests Daily

  • Messaging Strategy And Templates

  • Multi-Touch Direct Message Campaign to New Connections

  • Weekly Reports

  • 300+ New Connections/Month on Average

  • 30+ Warm Leads Per Month On Average

  • Double Email Verification

  • We do the main work to get leads to reply and then you jump in

CRM Integrations


Marketing Automation


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Frequently asked questions

Is this safe? can't i get my account banned?

We use the absolute top of the line tools, dedicated servers, and VPN to ensure your safety. We have helped many businesses leverage Linkedin for leads and have never had an account banned. Also, we are aware of safety limits and ways to operate under the radar.

What makes you different than the others?

We are one of the few gencies that offer fully managed campaigns in this price range. Customer support and quality is our backbone.

Do you offer industry-specific email templates?

Of course. In your plans, you will find campaign templates for inbound and outbound sales, trial-to-customer sequences, emails for recruiters and business development, and more. Our team will make sure you get everything for your sales performance.