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We offers a broad range of products for use in formulating high performance industrial and automotive lubricants, greases, metalworking fluids, and rust preventives. We provide additive packages that are carefully balanced for peak performance in a challenging and changing marketplace. Our additives meet the widest range of lubricant applications, and they meet or surpass the most stringent industry, government and OEM specifications. We offers a portfolio of packages suitable for different needs that also respond to international and car manufacturers' specifications and ensure a high quality/price ratio.

Engine Oil Additives

  • Passenger Car Engine Oil Additives

  • Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil Additives

  • Motorcycle Engine Oil Additives

  • Gasoline Oil Additives

  • Power Tool Engine Oil Additives

  • Marine Diesel Engine Oil Additives


Petromix EOA 3

Multipurpose Engine Oil Additive (EOA 3) is a performance additive developed for mainstream gasoline engine lubricants ,covering current and absolute API performance level. It is designed to be used alone or with TBN booster to get required TBN, for heavy duty diesel Vehicles it goes up-to CI-4, CI-4+ & CF-4 , 5W30 and 10W30.

Petromix– K-785X VII

Petromix– K-785X has been optimised to impart proper ties like pour point, VI improvement and thickening, Improves VI BY- 17- IN 1%, POUR POINT goes upto -30 TO -35”C and the dose is  33% of the normal VII.


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