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We're Fypion. We provide strategies that close the profit and recurring revenue loops. Fypion is on a mission to help you future-proof your company. We Deliver Financial Growth and Profitability for Long-Term Brands Using Our Modified Approach.

We are a marketing and business consulting firm specialising in digital marketing, email marketing, and business growth strategies. Online marketing to secure customer retention, leads, and sales. We focus on the bigger picture.

In addition, we are a distribution and trading company that specialises in the international trade of petrochemicals, petroleum, and chemical products. We offer a diverse range of products all over the world. You can find them here.

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We are a group of marketing consultants that are enthusiastic about assisting your company's growth. Marketing is what allows firms to generate money. There is no business if there is no marketing. We realise that change isn't always easy. Since 2017, our aim has been to assist firms of all sizes in responding to industry shifts and crunches in order to remain competitive.


With a profit growth rate of 25% per year, our aim is to become the premier provider of cutting-edge marketing solutions to all types of organisations and beyond. Our sales, marketing, and advising professionals are ready to assist you in developing plans for not only surviving, but flourishing in the future.

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